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What I Ate Wednesday

Yeah, I’m a few days late…that’s what happens when…well, life happens.


I had a working breakfast. I don’t drink coffee too often anymore, but I felt like a cup. Mine was decaf with some CoffeemateVanilla Latte Powder Creamer. I’m trying to clean out my deep freezer, so I finished off the last plain bagel that my oldest son had long left…I don’t normally eat plain bagels. I just slapped a little butter and Concord Grape jam on it and that was breakfast! I also took my vitamins and drank a large cup of water as usual.



Keeping in theme with cleaning out the freezer and fridge, I had leftovers. You will find this a lot with me since I work at home and it’s just easier and cheaper to eat leftovers. I actually dig ’em! This was Itailian Sausage Ravioli with Vodka Sauce and Light Alfredo Sauce and a cheddar garlic biscuit I had made a few nights ago. Yum!


Dinner was a lazy one. I threw an Uno’s Pepporoni Flatbread Pizza in the offen and slapped a salad together and dinner was served. I was so busy Wednesday that this was all I could muster. Not exactly the healthiest, but good nonetheless. I had a mixture of iced tea and pink lemonade to drink with both lunch and dinner. I need to drink less of it, but it’s so darn good!



This time of year is my FAVORITE for desserts! Pumpkin everything is the name of the game. This was a piece of Pumpkin Spice Bar Cake from our local Sam’s Club Bakery. It was moist and pumpkiny! The cream cheese icing was good too, not too sweet. I find that I really do like most things we’ve tried from their bakery.

So all in all, not the most calorie friendly day of eating, but it got the job done. My family didn’t go hungry, and that is the name of the game!

What is your favorite thing to eat as Summer turns to Fall?