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We’re Moving

What happened to all of those promised posts that you were going to make Brandi?!

I know, I know…<hangs head in shame /> But I have a good excuse! And that excuse happens to mean that I will have new content coming your way over the next few months. We are moving house!

About 3 years ago we moved to a suburb of Asheville, NC. We weren’t sure exactly where we would settle or if we would even like it here, so we rented a place. Turns out, we love this area and our little family has thrived here! They say it’s the mountain air…

Last September we decided to make it official and started looking at houses. What an eye opening experience that was! Apparently, you need to be ready to purchase at a moments notice, because houses sell like hotcakes around here. It was terrifying! How would we find a place inside our budget, that didn’t require $100k worth of work just to move in, in the right school district, AND get an offer in/accepted before someone else bought it right from under us?! I had no idea, but we were determined.

Over the course of 8 months we probably saw about 30 houses…Our amazing realtor was an actual saint, and never batted an eyelash while we consistently found a grocery list of reasons NOT to buy each house. But, we finally found THE ONE.

Now, I don’t know if you believe in love at first sight, and generally speaking – I don’t tend to feel that way about inanimate objects…but this house had everything we had been looking for. As we walked through it for the first time, Mr. Saucey Mama (need to run this new title by him…) and I kept looking at each other in disbelief. We had lowered our expectations so much over the last few months, that we figured we’d be settling for some of our wish list items, but probably never see a place that ticked all the boxes.

What were our wish list items, you may be asking:

  • Split bedroom floor plan (we have 2 boys, 1 of which is a teenager – need I say more)
  • Office space for me (I work from home)
  • A basement or second story that could be used for growing space
  • Enough yard for dogs and entertaining
  • Bonus: room for Mr. Saucey Mama to have his own space

Obviously, some of those items were more important than others, and we were willing to sacrifice the others. But we didn’t have to…and did I mention that this house was within our budget?!

Although this is the third house we’ve purchased, this experience has been the most stressful. I won’t say we aren’t excited, because we are, but our excitement was definitely tempered a bit this time around. We have been very hesitant to celebrate, but we close soon and will be moving thereafter!

So stay tuned for moving house content! Once we move in, there will even be some home interiors/renovations/basement finishing going on. I won’t make any promises, but there may even be some vlogging!

Is anything specific you want to see?