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Adult Acne

I am a 37 year old woman and I have adult acne.

Aren’t we supposed to be done with this stuff by now?! I mean, haven’t we got enough to deal with? As a woman of a certain age, I struggle to find balance between loving my less than taught abs and keeping my hair colored well enough to hide my grays. The last thing I want to deal with is my skin looking like it did in high school – minus the lack of under eye circles.

5 years ago, at 32 years old, I thought I was taking care of my adult acne problem when I completed a 5 month cycle of Claravis (Accutane). I went through the monthly blood tests to make sure I wasn’t pregnant. I happily dealt with the stiff joints, painfully dry cracked lips, and oil-free hair that didn’t need washing but once a week. My skin cleared up and looked amazing!

If you want to read about how Claravis worked for me, read my blog post or check out the video I made.

For 5 glorious years, my skin remained clear and pain-free. That was until the honeymoon ended.

6 months ago, I was minding my own business, sticking to my regularly scheduled skincare routine and out of nowhere my chin and jaw line exploded with spots. Not just regular that-time-of-month spots, but deep painful ones that never came to a head but somehow ended up looking like I had been attacked by a wild animal.

Exhibit A
Before Starting Spironolactone

I tried changing up my skincare routine thinking maybe my skin wasn’t happy with something I was using. I went on an elimination diet (for other reasons – post to come), and thought it might be something I was eating. I even thought it could be stress, although I didn’t feel anymore stressed than a normal human being…Nothing seemed to have any effect. I finally waved the white flag and made an appointment with my dermatologist. She took one look at me and said “this is clearly hormonal”.

Oh thank goodness! Wait. What does that mean? Can you help me?! Do I have to look like this for the rest of my days?!

The answer was, nope. Turns out, there is a medication that is used specifically to tackle hormonal acne in adult women! What are the odds?!

After making sure I understood the possible side effects and dangers of getting pregnant while taking the medication (I’ve had my tubes tied and an ablation.), she prescribed me 50 MG of Spironolactone and a 1% Clindamycin solution to wipe over my skin twice a day.

I was told it would take a few weeks to really see results, but after 1 week, I can already see my skin changing.

Exhibit B
1 week on Spironolactone/Clindamycin

It’s subtle, but when you’ve stared at your skin as much as I have hoping for it to magically change, you notice these things.

So, come along with me on this adult acne journey, won’t you?! I’m happy to answer any questions you may have, but I’m no doctor. If you are experiencing something similar, I’d recommend talking to
your dermatologist about whether or not Spironolactone could be a solution.

As always, thanks for stopping by!