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Random & Makeup Empties

Guys/Gals…I ended up with 2 bags (only photographed 1 out of shame) FULL of empties! HOW – and better yet, WHEN – did this happen?!

There I was, just doing my thang one day when my DH shouts from the bathroom, “Why is there a shopping bag FULL of trash under your sink?!” It was that moment that I knew I had to face the music and write a post…or 4.

So…yeah, this is the first of 4 (yes, 4) empties posts coming your way in the next few days. I truly apologize for being MIA for so long, but – as you can plainly see – I have been busy…using up products and such!


This post will cover the few random, makeup, and perfume empties I rounded up.

Let’s start with the random bits. There were others, but I tossed them over time and I’m sure they were mostly travel tubes of toothpaste and mini packages of dental floss (I have a family member that is a dental hygienist.). That’s pretty boring stuff, and I’ve already gone on and on about my favorite toothpaste in the past. This Colgate Total is just a standard mint flavored toothpaste. It does the job, but is nothing to write home about. Do people still use that phrase?! Gosh, I’m showing my age here… *sigh*

The other 2 random empties include my beloved Harney & Sons Royal Wedding tea, which is a flavored white loose leaf tea that comes in little pyramid shaped sachets. I’ve bored the Internet to tears with my endless gushing about this tea, so I will just say that this is what gets me out of bed in the morning and I cannot be without it in my life! Oh, and some deodorant…funny, it’s been nearly 6 months since my last empties post and I have only 1 deodorant…This Lavanila The Healthy Deodorant is some good stuff though! I have since repurchased it in the grapefruit scent (this one is in Fresh Vanilla Lemon and I don’t find it to smell of vanilla or lemon), but I plan to buy it again. I wouldn’t say it is the best if you are a hitting the gym, but for day-to-day it rocks. My armpits have never been happier!

I don’t use a lot of makeup on the daily, but I do get through mascara and eyeliner pretty quickly, especially sample size tubes.ย  I use concealer with some translucent powder to set it as opposed to a full face of foundation – unless I’m going out or doing something fancy…like a trip to Target. I have been using the Rimmel one for a while now, but I received this sample of the POREfessional Agent Zero Shine with an order from Sephora or something and tried it out. I really liked this. It was very finely milled, so it never looked cakey – and because it wasn’t highly pigmented, if at all, it didn’t add any extra coverage. I’ll probably be buying the full size when I finish the powder I am using now.

When it comes to mascara, I am super picky. I have naturally curly lashes that are a bit on the longer side. I prefer a mascara that gives me false lash length and separation. The Clinique High Impact Mascara was great! It has a big fiber brush with a formula that never clumped and gave the perfect amount of length for day-to-day wear. Even my sister liked this one and we never agree on mascara! I didn’t get on as well with the Guerlain Maxi Lash. I found it a bit too dry and the fiber brush was smaller. It just didn’t grab my lashes like I hoped. I guess if you are after volume, maybe this would be up your street.

I’ve recently had an influx of perfume samples from subscription boxes, so I am trying to get through those. Fresh citrusy scents are what I normally go for, but in the last few years I’ve really fallen in love with florals, particularly rose (ie. Stella by Stella McCartney). Sticking to that line, Chloe is amazing! I will definitely be purchasing the full size of this. If you like rose scents, this one is perfect, and the packaging is beautiful too. Givenchy Very is a sort of powdery floral which feels a bit too mature for me, but was wearable. On the other end of the floral spectrum is Daisy Eau So Fresh – this one is super sweet, and I normally don’t do sweet fragrances, but I did like it. Out of the last 3, I’d only purchase the full size of Folle de Joie. This was a very fresh, lovely and bright scent perfect for everyday. It wasn’t particularly citrusy or floral…but I loved it! Juicy Couture Hollywood Royal was a very sweet girly scent and Elizabeth & James Nirvana Black was a super musky somewhat masculine scent (with gorg packaging). Two very different ends of the spectrum, and just a bit too over the top for me.

Alrighty, that rounds up Part One of this ma-hoo-sive empties saga…Next up, Hair Care Empties. Keep your eyes peeled!

Have you tried any of these and have different opinions? What have you used up recently…or, in my case, over the last 6-9 months? I’d love to hear! And, as always, I thank you for stopping by to have a read ๐Ÿ™‚


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