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Most Repurchased Products #1

I, like many other people, tend to repurchase products when I find something that I really love. I thought it would be fun to start a new series of talking about said products. I am always looking for new holy grail items to add to my collection, so I’m sure this series could go on for eternity…I will save you all the pain and chat about 5 in each post.

It is likely I’ve blabbed about these things in previous posts since they are things I love and use regularly, so I will do my best to link to those posts for more information when there is one, and keep it short and sweet here. So, here we go…the first installment of  my most repurchased products!

Aquafresh Toothpaste
I’ve been buying this toothpaste for literally 13 years…outside of the next item on this list, this is probably THE most repurchased item, period. I’ve talked about it before in my last Empties post (and here) which you can check out if you want more information.

Secret Outlast Invisible Solid Deodorant
Since I started using deodorant, I’ve purchased some variation of the Secret Invisible Solid. Is this TMI, I don’t think so…we all use deodorant…don’t we??? I’ve tried others, but always go running back to Secret! Again, I’ve mentioned this before (here and here and here), so I won’t bore you with the details here.

Tresemme Platinum Strength
This one is a fairly recent addition to the Most Repurchased Products list, but I think it is the best shampoo for my hair day-to-day…or every three days in my case. I like how it makes my hair feel, and it doesn’t weigh it down at all. It also doesn’t make my hair greasy, which is uber important when you only wash your hair every 2 to 3 days!

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment
Although this stuff is super duper expensive, I continue to repurchase it. I get away with it by only using it at night. This gives me about 4 months of use (liberal slathering at bed time) instead of 2 weeks (if used as my primary lip balm). You’ve heard me bang on about it and the white tubed one before though, so I will again direct you to those posts (here and here and here…oh and here).

Harney & Sons Royal Wedding Tea
I was going to leave this one out because I feel like I’m beating a dead horse, but I just couldn’t. I keep this tea on hand all the time. If I get down to my last few tea bags, I place a new order so I don’t have to go without it! Yes, I know they have other tea at this store…it may not seem like it on this blog, but I have tried others and they are equally good. The Royal Wedding just happens to be my favorite and I can’t seem to quit it. I have probably mentioned it in every other blog post I’ve written, so I will just link to my most detailed for you to get more information (here).

What are your most repurchased items? Do you tend to buy the same things over and over, or are you a product whore? I won’t judge, I promise!