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Healthy Breakfast Ideas

We all know the old adage, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. But how many of you struggle with putting together quick, easy, and – most of all, healthy meals before you dash out the door in the morning? I know I do!

I find breakfast to be the hardest meal of the day, actually. I very rarely used to eat it at all, let alone waste my energy trying to come up with something good and good for me. I tried the granola bar route, but I find…well I just don’t like most that are on the market. I don’t like cold cereal, so that’s out. And quick frozen breakfast sandwiches are often half of your daily caloric intake! Yikes! So what to do…
About a year ago I found, when I ate breakfast in the morning *gasp* I felt better. I also found, like many have said, that it set me up to eat better on the whole for the day. These are all things that some way or another play into that whole getting healthy thing that most of us are trying to do this time of year. So I thought, if like me, you too struggle to figure out what to eat in the morning – why not share my go to breakfasts!?
Here they are:


Eggs are always a good choice in the morning. It is a quick way to get protein and you can do them a hundred different ways. I generally choose to have mine scrambled because it is quick, easy, and versatile. I always start the same way; 1 whole egg, 1 egg white, a splash of water, and a pinch of salt. Whip it all up and there’s a really basic scramble for ya. I like to fill it out a bit more by adding baby spinach, salsa, mushrooms, or whatever other veggies I may have lying around. Sautée the veggies in the pan to heat through, through the egg mixture over the top and stir until cooked. Voila! Quick and mostly healthy breakfast.


If eggs aren’t your thing, how about yogurt? It is another way to get some protein in the morning, and also calcium and probiotics! All good stuff in my book. You can have yours flavored, plain, or with fruit. My favorite way is to put some fruit into a bowl, scoop some low fat organic vanilla yogurt over, and top with my favorite granola (Trader Joe’s Maple Pecan at the moment – it’s AH.MAZING!). I’ve done it here with some huge blackberries; which I highly recommend!

Hot Cereal

Another go to for me is hot cereal. I prefer Cream of Wheat, but recently the Mister has been experimenting with Steel Cut Oats, and I must say, I approve. However, it isn’t something I generally associate with “quick breakfast”…maybe one day. If you’ve not tried Cream of Wheat, you should! It takes 2 minutes to cook, it’s filling, warms you up, and can be dressed up however you like! I’m a bit of a purist though, and I like to cook mine using unsweetened almond milk instead of water. This makes it super creamy. I pour it into a bowl, drizzle a teaspoon of agave over it and there ya go.
You will always see a big cup of Harney & Sons Royal Wedding Tea with a splash of almond milk and agave with whatever I choose to fill my belly with in the morning. I’ve been in love – yes, I said in love – with this tea ever since my sister sent me a sachet to try sometime last July, and I’ve rarely had a breakfast without it since!
I used to be addicted to espresso and coffee, but about 3 years ago I weened myself down to drinking decaf only. So the switch to tea was easy for me. And although white tea does still have some caffeine, it is much less than the high test I had been poisining my system with for so long. Now I have a cup of tea in the morning because I really enjoy it, and not because I get the withdrawl headache if I don’t.
I’m always searching for good ideas to expand my regular offerings. Maybe we can help each other out! I’ve shared my favorites, and now you can tell me yours in the comments! I will go ahead and thank you now!