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My DH surprised me with the FitBit Flex, that I’ve been eying up, for Christmas. I was so excited when I opened it, that I plugged it in to charge and set it up as soon as I saw the last light lit up!

I’ve done some research online to find out how to get the most out of my FitBit Flex, but there were still some gaps that I’ve since figured out and wanted to share. If you are like me, then I hope this is helpful!

The FitBit comes with 2 bands (Small and Large), the FitBit itself, a usb charging unit, a wireless dongal for your computer, and is used with FitBit Connect on your computer and/or the FitBit app on your mobile device. I use the FitBit app on my iPhone 6 for the most part. All input is done using the app or by logging in on your computer.

First thing that the information doesn’t share is that you can set your own goals. You don’t have to stick with the default ones. I know this may sound straight forward, and it is really, but it isn’t mentioned. For instance, the default daily steps goal is 10,000…I work at home and spend a lot of time sitting at my desk for work, so that is a completely unreachable goal for me – even when I am quite active. I changed my daily step goal to 5,000 and found that it was challenging and also much more realistic for me. You can see, I’ve also set a lot of the other goals to fit my own personal needs.


Next, I just want to show the dashboard. You get a lot of good information from this. Although, you can double tap your band throughout the day to see how far you’ve gotten toward your daily goals (each light represents 20% of your goal), it doesn’t give any other stats.



Right now it is too cold for me to walk or run outside (this is just a personal preference), so I am doing my activities indoors. I tend to ride a stationary bike for the most part. Sometimes I will do a yoga DVD or follow a YouTube video. But because these sorts of activities log very few if any steps, you have to actually log them manually. I didn’t think to do this the first time I rode my stationary bike with my FitBit…duh! My stationary bike tells me things like distance ridden, calories burned, and time spent, which makes it very easy to log. You get a much more accurate representation of your activity level when you manually log these sorts of things. I am going for 30 minutes every other day at the moment.

The sleep tracker is a great feature of the FitBit Flex. You tap the band when you are going to bed to turn it on and then tap again when you wake up to turn it off. I find it very interesting to look at the log each day. At the end of each month, you get a recap from FitBit and it will tell you things like how long it takes, on average, for you to fall to sleep and how restful your sleep is. You don’t have to use this feature, but I really find it useful.


Finally, the last 2 features are the Calorie Log and the Water Log. I hate counting calories. I find it tedious and time consuming. However, I do see the relevance. The integrated database seems to be quite comprehensive, but if you don’t find what you are looking for it is very easy to add custom items. If your aim is to get control of your caloric intake each day, this feature is very helpful! The fact that it shows how many calories you have left based on the calories you’ve burned, and that it updates throughout the day, makes me very happy. It’s the little things…I find it very helpful to add in what I plan to eat for the day each morning so that I have a good idea as to what my day looks like calorie-wise.

I already drink mainly water each day, and I tend to have no problem hitting the recommended amount, but having a visualization of what I’ve drank helps me to stay on track and also encourages me to stay away from more unhealthy drink options.

I’ve only been using my FitBit Flex for a few weeks now, but it is so easy and the technology involved speaks to my tech junkie personality. I can see this being my tracking option of choice for quite some time. I’m excited to see how the activity tracking works when I am able to get back to running outdoors!

Do you have a FitBit Flex or any other wearable tracking device? What do you like/dislike about it? Have you found any interesting ways to get more out of it?