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Feature Friday: Ray-Ban Eye Wear

This weeks Feature Friday isn’t so much a product as it is a brand.

We all know how popular Ray-Ban has been throughout the ages. Their glasses never seem to go out of fashion! No matter what the latest trend, you can always rock your Wayfarers or Aviators without fear of shame and ridicule. Some brands just transcend style, and the iconic Ray-Ban is def one of them.

Growing up, my parents had the classic Aviator shades, and I never thought anything of it. Now that I am older, I realize just how hip they really were! Go figure, huh…

Last year I picked up my very first pair of Ray-Ban’s for my Birthday. I chose the New Wayfarer Classic in Tortoise with polarized lenses. These things are super comfortable! I can barely tell that they are even on my face. I have really sensitive ears, so anything that sits on my ears needs to be lightweight, and the New Wayfarer’s are. They feel sturdy without sacrificing comfort. These aren’t the cheapest sunglasses on the market, but they will last forever (if you don’t accidentally sit on them in the car…and if your 3 year old doesn’t get a hold of them and pretend they are Jackie O – after about 6 mimosas), and…you know they never go out of style!

Recently, I had to go to the dreaded eye doctor…and it was confirmed that I was, indeed, getting older in need of glasses. So, when it came time to choose my frames, I was really excited to find out that Ray-Ban also does regular eyeglasses! I mean, if I’m going to have to wear something all day everyday, I def want them to be comfortable AND sturdy. Boom – both things that I have found Ray-Ban to be! And when I found out that they stand behind their frames for 2 years, no matter what happens to them (please see afore mentioned 3 year old’s rendition of Jackie O) they will replace them…I was sold!

I chose the RB5228 also in Tortoise, and have been really happy with my decision. Just like the New Wayfarer sunnies, these eyeglasses are both sturdy and comfortable! I plan to keep these frames for the forseeable future – maybe adding to my collection with other colors (brown/pink – maybe), but I think these are quickly becoming a signature for me. These are prescription glasses though, so you will need to visit an eye doctor for the lenses, but you can always order the frames online and take them along for your prescription lenses. Luckily, I have amazing insurance and mine were a steal – Bonus!

Have you tried Ray-Ban’s? What is your favorite style?