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Feature Friday: Harney & Sons Royal Wedding Tea

For my second installment of Feature Friday I had to go with Harney & Son’s Royal Wedding Tea.

I know the requirement is that I love a product all week, but confession here…I’ve loved this tea since July 2013! I drink it EVERY single morning unless I am out and waiting for a new shipment to arrive. In which case I’m probably drinking some other Harney & Son’s tea – *ahem* Paris. Each night I even find myself comforted by the thought that when I wake in the morning I get to have a cup of Royal Wedding. Yes, I am a strange bird. But it’s THAT good!

I used to be a coffee/espresso drinker, exclusively. I was the type that liked her coffee hot and her tea cold. This was all changed when my sister gave me a sachet of Harney & Sons. I’ve been converted. But I guess I should talk about the tea and not just my love of it, eh?

According to the Harney & Son’s website, this tea was commissioned by the Historic Royal Palaces organization and combines Chinese mutan white tea buds, almond, coconut, vanilla, and a floral abundance of pink rosebuds and petals.

Because it is a white tea, it is very mild. It does still have caffeine, but a lower amount than a black tea, which is fine with me. It has a warm almond-y vanilla flavor. I add a tiny bit of agave and unsweetened almond milk to my cup and it is perfect!

I won’t drone on and on about this anymore because I have mentioned it a few times (here and here and I’m sure there are others)…but if you haven’t tried anything from Harney & Sons, I suggest you do. I’ve never been disappointed. They have a good selection of flavored and traditional teas, they are at an excellent price point, and they come in the most beautiful tins!

Have you tried Royal Wedding Tea? What is your favorite tea brand?

What have you been loving this week?!

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