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Empty Products #15

Let’s get this out of the way…yes, I’m watching the CTFxC while I write this blog. I’m catching up! Is there anyone else out there that prefers to watch YouTube over regular television? I love watching Charles, Allie, Zoe and Marley. If you haven’t watched them, you should!

Now for what you really came here for (just let me think you came here for my mini product reviews)…here are the things that I’ve recently finished up. Some have been the never ending product, and some have been short and sweet samples. All have been used up and are now being paraded across the Internets for your viewing pleasure.

Soap & Glory Butter Yourself
My holy grail body cream. I love everything about this stuff – the smell, the texture, it has exfoliating AHAs for those plucked chicken arm days (don’t pretend I’m the only one), and it doesn’t make me feel sticky (I hate that!). This is part of my bedtime skincare routine every night. Going on my Sephora list right now!

Onyx Professional 100% Pure Acetone Nail Polish Remover
Not really much to say about this…it’s nail polish remover. It was cheap. It gets the nail polish off super quick. I’m not loyal to any brand, but I do prefer pure acetone. I know, I know…it’s probably not all that great for your nails, but it works and it’s cheap! Give me a break, alright.

Aveeno Active Naturals Nourish + Condition Leave-In Treatment
Ever since I started doing the reverse shampooing thing, I have had to use a leave-in conditioner just to get a comb through my hair. This one was in the right place at the right time. I used it all, but I doubt I’d buy it again. I like Aveeno, but this leave-in conditioner was just so-so. With all of the other ones on the market, I can’t stop at the first one!

Bath and Body Works Island Nectar PocketBac
I cannot tell you how long it takes me to get through a bottle of hand sanitizer. I keep them in my bag for germ killing on the go, and I do use them often, but it is the gift that keeps giving! I even use it on my kids and husband…I like the Bath and Body Works formula and their scents are great, just like their candles. This one smelled like the islands. Yum!

Dove Go Fresh Restore Body Wash in Blue Fig & Orange Blossom Scent
Finally finished a bottle of body wash…It smells great, but just doesn’t moisturize enough for me. It is a shame since there are some really good scents…Oh well, guess I will be picking up another Soap & Glory one next…darn! *puts that one the Sephora list*

Crest Glide Deep Clean Cool Mint Floss
Used some more floss, whoopie! I think I mentioned this in my last empties post…Good, not great. Does the job.

Ojon Rare Blend Oil Total Hair Therapy
Something else that took me freakin’ forever to use up! This hair oil is much more suited to thicker more coarse hair, I think. It’s nice, but just a bit too thick for my hair. I have quite a few more samples of hair oils to use though, so on to the next one.

Pangea Organics Turkish Rose & White Tea Eye Cream
First things first…this stuff is the stinkiest! I LOVED the idea of it, but when I went to use it…ugh! It smells awful. I got this in a Concious Box, so I was excited to try it out. A bit of a let down though. It didn’t really do much for my eyes either, but its hard to tell with such a small sample. However, I will not be using this again due to the scent. Sorry Pangea Organics ๐Ÿ™

Harvey Prince Hello Perfume
From the worst smelling product to the best smelling…I got this in a recent Birchbox. I had heard of it before, but never saw it in store to have a sniff. I was excited when it showed up in a sample box so I could give it a go! It smells amazing. It is fresh and subtly floral. I can see this becoming my signature Spring/Summer scent. I am obsessed with Stella by Stella McCartney, and I think this is the lighter sister fragrance to it. I could see these 2 fragrances becoming the only 2 in my collection…well maybe 2 of 3 if I ever get to test out the Fresh Sugar Lemon fragrance.

Did you find any new favorites in your latest empties? Have you tried this Pangea Organics eye cream? Am I the only one who thinks it stinks?!