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Everything you see on thatsauceymama.com was made by myself, Brandi DeLancey (unless otherwise stated).

I use a Canon EOS Rebel T3i to take all my own photographs (unless otherwise stated).

Products Sent to Review

From time to time I may get samples sent to review by brands and PRs for this blog. If I really want to share something that has been sent to me, I may choose to feature it here. I don’t have to include it, there’s no deal that says I have to include it but sometimes, I find something new that I simply must share.

I buy most products with my own funds.

I can assure you that everything you see on my blog is genuine.

Everything on this blog has been trialed, tested and reviewed by me – if I have been sent something to review, I never recommend it if I wouldn’t actually spend my hard earned money on it. I am never, ever paid to feature anything on here.

Contact Form

We collect name and email strictly for contact purposes.  We keep contact form submissions for just long enough to get in touch, but do not use the information submitted for marketing purposes.