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Birthday Goodies

Last week was my 33rd Birthday. Now before you start hurling old jokes at me, I’d like to share a few of my Birthday goodies with you. Mother’s Day is coming up in the near future and I thought, “Hey, I’m a Mom and I loved this stuff. I wonder if other Mom-type people would like it.” So, here you go…awesome Birthday gifts for the gal in your life, or equally nice Mother’s Day gifts for…you know…your Mom.

H&M Jersey Top in Black
I’m obsessed with H&M clothing. It’s cheap and comfy and good quality. I tend to wear a lot of basics, and they do it best! This jersey top has a little pocket on the chest, rolled sleeves, and a rounded bottom hem. It is hard to see the details in this picture, so check out the link! You could dress this shirt up or bum around the house in it (which, let’s be honest, is what I do). Anyway, I liked this shirt so much, I bought it in the pink color.

H&M Yoga Pants in Gray
I pretty much live in yoga pants and leggings, but recently I’ve had to toss a bunch of my old pairs and was in the market for some new ones. Now that the weather is warming up here, I was happy to get this crop pair. They have a little mesh pocket inside the waist for your key and cards or cash if you are running, and the bottom hems have elastic bands that you can cinch up and tie off if you like the gathered leg look. Again, I liked these so much I went out and got them in the other 2 colors.

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask
This mask has made the rounds in the beauty world for ages, and I’ve been dying to try it. Finally got my hands on it and can’t wait to test it out. Now that the temperatures have been in the high 70s and low 80s, I’m not sure it is going to make the cut for a few months, but as soon as I give it a go I will update you.

ghd Professional Classic 1-inch Styler
My old straightener died…I had it for about 10 years and it was just time for a new one. Enter the ever popular and highly celebrated ghd’s. I don’t straighten my hair often, but when I do, I want it done right. I am sure I we will be friends for years to come.

Bose Mobile In-Ear Headset
I have rediculously sensitive ears. I love the sound quality of over ear headphones, but they hurt my ears after about 2 minutes. I also run and travel quite a bit – so having mobile in-ear headphones is very useful for me. The ones that come with iPhone’s are OK, but the sound quality could be better and they definitely don’t do anything in the comfort department. Bose makes great products when it comes to sound, and I had heard tons of reviews saying that these are the most comfortable ear buds on the market. After wearing them for a week, I do agree they are comfortable and they appear to be well made, but time will tell if they are the best on the market. I use my ear buds daily for hours at a time, so they will certainly be put to the test!

I’m excited to have these things added to my collection, and I hope you enjoyed a quick little review of them!